Sunday, 8 February 2009

We are getting very tired of this

Since we moved in here at the end of November, we have been without central heating three times. The first time we let the gas tank run out (we had been mistakenly informed that it would be topped up automatically). That took place during the first cold snap of the winter. Then ten days ago the motherboard on the boiler died, so we were without heat for about four days while we waited for the part. Once the motherboard was replaced the heating came on but couldn't be turned off. It turned out that the cut-off was also broken, making the whole system dangerous. So here we are, through the second cold period of the winter, without heat again.

Luckily, we have a wood stove in the sitting room and the gas oven in the kitchen puts off a good glow. This afternoon, however, I was working on the spare room, unpacking the last boxes from the move, and the thermometer was showing 4.5 degrees C (40 degrees F). Our excellent plumber/heating engineer hopes to have the part in tomorrow, but given the snow chaos in the rest of the country, I won't be surprised if it doesn't arrive. Hey ho.


  1. Oh goodness! You have my sympathy.It is so cold right now in Scotland!
    I remember moving into a little cottage during a snowy winter when Snufkin was a few weeks old. It had no central heating, only a little stove like your own which heated the water and a teeny radiator in the bathroom. It was more work seeing to that stove, which needed topping up every twenty minutes, than baby Snufkin.
    On the bright side, you have the most adorable dog to snuggle up with.

  2. Looks like your pup knows where the best spot in the house is.